Difference between Elementor free and pro. 7 reason I recommend the Pro version for your website

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What is the difference between Elementor free and Pro?

Why I recommend Elementor Pro vs free for all my website clients and why you should use it on your website. (Hint: it will save you so much time!!)

What is the difference between Elementor free and Pro and why would you want to spend the extra money on the Pro version?

First, what is Elementor? Elementor is an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress. It helps you build websites without knowing how to code and puts everything you need all in one place. It’s PERFECT for the non-techy solopreneur wanting to build a website for their business!

If you are DIYing your website, the Elementor page builder plugin is the way to go!

And, the best part, using Elementor Pro* will save you from having to add other plugins to your website, keeping it fast, easy to set-up, and simple to update.

For those that are not techy, Elementor is the perfect solution to building a website because it’s a “what you see is what you get” page-builder that you can easily customize with your brand colors, fonts, and style. 

Elementor is also awesome because it lets you see what your website will look like on mobile phones (which account for over 60% of website views). Plus, you can make changes to just the mobile version, so your site is always mobile optimized and looks good on any screen size.

What is the difference between Elementor and WordPress?

WordPress is the system you build your site on, and Elementor is the tool you use to build it. Essentially, WordPress is the framework that runs everything in the background, and Elementor is what allows you to create something beautiful you can easily customize without knowing how to code. Elementor makes building your WordPress website easier. 

There is both a free version and paid version of Elementor. So what is the difference between Elementor free and Elementor Pro? And why do I recommend the Pro version?

(Note: I am a huge proponent of using free tools and don’t usually pay for extra stuff. But… Elementor Pro* is one of the very few website plugins I WILL pay for because I think all the extra advantages are totally worth the $59/year!)

So why do I like Elementor Pro vs free only version? While there are several differences between Elementor free and Pro, below are some of my favorite ways to use the Pro version extras.

Here are 7 key differences between Elementor free and Elementor Pro and the reason coaches, consultants, and service businesses should consider the Pro version.

1. Integrations

One of the main reasons I like Elementor Pro is that it integrates with my email service provider. 

I happen to use Mailerlite (but it also integrates with MailChimp, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign and others), and I can link my website to my Mailerlite account.

What this means is that when someone signs up on my website to download a free lead magnet, Elementor automatically sends the information to my Mailerlite account and triggers an automation to deliver the lead magnet. 

The integration saves the name and email address the person just entered into my email list, tags the person so I know what they downloaded, and starts the automated email sequence.

In addition, Elementor Pro integrates with Google’s free reCaptca so I don’t get a bunch of spam emails. 

Ideas for a Great lead Magnet download image

The free version of Elementor allows you to build amazing websites and customize most areas of your website.

However, the Pro version adds extra areas you can customize. These are all things that if you use the free version only, you would have to add a new plugin to your website (and then figure out how to use it!). Specifically I use the following Pro extras the most often:

  • Header and Footer: I like to customize the header and footer on every website I create so I can put exactly what I want in each section and easily make changes and updates.
  • Sticky Header: This is where the header stays at the top of every page instead of scrolling up with the page. I love this feature so as people scroll down your web page, the menu stays visible the entire time.  With Elementor Pro, this is done with an easy click of a button!.
  • Blog and Blog archive page: I usually don’t like the standard blog layout that comes with WordPress themes. Instead, I prefer to customize both my individual blog pages and the blog archive page (the one with all the articles listed.) Elementor Pro allows you to customize these, and even provides free template you can use to do it! The free version does not allow you to make changes to your blogs. Instead, you would have to use the theme “customizer”. (One more thing you would have to learn!).

3. Form builder

Instead of having to add another plugin to your website–use Elementor Pro’s form widget. It’s easy to use and set up. 

Lead Magnet Ideas Guide cover 30 Irresistible Lead Magnet Ideas Your Audience Will Actually Want to Sign Up For

If you want a form on your contact page or for your opt-in pages (example for your “freebie”), you can use the forms widget built into Elementor Pro. This forms widget also links to your email service (like Mailerlite) so you don’t have to do anything extra! Plus, you can add ReCaptcha so you don’t get those pesky spam emails. 

And one of my favorite features is that it keeps a copy of every form that’s filled out so you know you haven’t missed any, and that they have all gone through. This is one of my favorite features of Elementor Pro vs free!

4. Pop-up builder

Great for your lead magnet opt-ins or anything else you want to draw attention to. Instead of having to add a separate pop-up plugin to your website, Elementor Pro has this built in. And, you can use forms on the pop-ups that link to your emails service provider so your website is doing everything for you!

5. Price Table

The Elementor Pro price table widget sets up price tables for you, allows you to customize them and put in your information. This is especially great for those that have 2-3 offers–you can list your prices and what is included in each offer side by side.

6. Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts are great for those that use a custom font as part of their branding. If you use Google fonts only, chances are your brand font choices are already included in Elementor and WordPress. However, if you have used a custom font that you purchased, Elementor Pro allows you to upload that font to use on your website.

7. Accept Payments

If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider, and you want people to be able to sign-up and pay for your program or services right on your website, Elementor Pro’s Stripe and PayPal integrations are perfect! You just set up your business Stripe and/or PayPal accounts, then you can easily create payment buttons right on your website.

8. Extra Cool Stuff

Other great features included with Elementor Pro that I also like:

  • Image slides (where you have several images that scroll across the page)
  • Countdown (if you have an offer that will be ending soon, add a countdown timer).
  • Flip Box (where you put basic information or an image in a box, then when someone hovers over it, it flips over and provides more detailed information.)
  • Social Share buttons (allows people to share your content/articles with one click)
  • Testimonial scroll area (if you like scrolling testimonials)
  • WooCommerce customization (if you are selling something on your website and have a store, being able to customize your store to look how you want is awesome!)

Can you use Elementor free to build a great website? Absolutely! And most of the things you can do with Elementor Pro, you can definitely find a free plug-in to add to your website to do them too. 

But, every plugin you add to your website means you have to learn how to use it and how to set it up. It also means one more thing you have to keep updated and one more security risk to your site. (Sometimes plugins don’t work together well). And, every additional plugin can slow down your website–and you don’t want a slow site!

For me, I will gladly pay $59/year to have everything in one place and easy to use. Plus, I know all the pieces will work together well. In fact, I only 6 main plugins on every website, plus 1 optional one I like for tracking page hits. You can read about those in this article, “5 Types of Plugins Every WordPress Website Should Have.” 

If you’re serious about creating a professional-looking website that reflects your brand and style, and you want everything simple and in one place, investing in Elementor Pro is well worth it. CLICK HERE TO GET ELEMENTOR PRO TODAY!

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