Get a Stand-Out Brand... done for you!

Designer Branding...
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For coaches and serve-first entrepreneurs…

Everything you need to have a compelling and cohesive brand without spending a ton of money or wasting time trying to figure it out yourself!

No design skills required!

Professionally Designed

Easy to Customize

All Done For You!

Totally Stress-Free

You're ready to grow your business and know you need to start with your branding.

You want a brand that...

  • Looks professional
  • Truly reflects your business & values
  • Attracts your ideal clients
  • And helps you stand out from the crowd!

There's a simple solution!

The Complete Branding Essentials Kit

You CAN get all your branding essentials done and ready to start your business, without spending a ton of money!

Feel confident, attract your ideal clients, save time, make your life easier, and look A-mazing online with the simple kit.

Say goodbye to boring and mediocre, and hello to a beautifully designed brand that flows, feels cohesive and says YOU!

Get a brand you are proud to show-off because you know you look professional!

The best part... you don't have to create your branding essentials alone! You've got a professional designer doing it for you!

April Hiatt working on a project sitting on the floor of the living room

What customers are saying...

"Everything is easy to follow and I was able to have my brand essentials ready in a little over an hour. The templates helped me find the look I wanted and made everything cohesive and clean. Overall, I'm very happy with my brand look!"
Olivia, woman about 21
Olivia H.
New Entrepreneur
"The Branding Kit was exactly what I needed. I didn't have to think about the color psychology or which fonts to use, or anything... I just picked the kit that matched my business personality, changed the logo--and was DONE!
"[The] branding kit is designed to be user-friendly for people just starting out which is what the kit does. [It gives you] basically, everything you need to get started.
"The Branding Essentials Kit, tailored to your specific needs, really is a GAME-CHANGER!! You simply choose the template that fits your business personality, customize your name in the logo…and VOILA….you're done! You get a fully curated branding kit complete with a color palette, fonts, a logo, and mood images all put together specifically for your brand personality! (April has made it SO simple!)"

Your Branding Basics... DONE

Completely Curated

Professionally Designed

Easy to Customize

Totally Stress-Free

No More Wasted Time, Overwhelm or feeling stuck

Your beautiful, cohesive, professional looking
brand essentials... DONE in 3 Easy Steps


Pick the template that fits your brand personality


Customize to your business


Download your logo & brand kit to use everywhere!

cards full
Choose a Template based on your Brand Personality & Vibe

Some of the templates to choose from in the
Complete Branding Essentials Kits

Serene Brand Kit


Words that describe this brand:
Calm, serene, comforting, stability, inspiration, wisdom, reliability, trust, safe, secure, confident, supportive, authentic

Brand Style Guide for The Moxy

The Moxy

Words that describe this brand:
Determined, courageous, force of nature, strength, endurance, empowered, postive, ambitious, bold, attention grabbing, stand-out

Branding Essentials Kit called New Beginnings. Color palette includes green, pink, charcoal, and cream

New Beginnings

Words that describe this brand:
soft, feminine, professional, inviting, new beginnings, growth, energy, transition, loving, kind, sensitive, nurturing

Brand kit called Revitalize. Color palette includes lavendar, green and black with tan and cream


Words that describe this brand:
self-care, relaxation, serene, soothing, new, order, healing, beauty, growth, harmony, reassure, revitalize, calm

Vibrant Branding Kit


Words that describe this brand:
energy, fresh, vibrant, feminine, dynamic, revitalizing, rejuvenating, open, clarity, truth, intuitive, balance, friendliness

Lead theWay Brand Guide


Words that describe this brand:
Luxury, sophistication, strength, courage, classic, leadership, trust, stability, knowledge, integrity, authoritative, ambitious

Simple & Elegant Brand Guide


Words that describe this brand:
Sophistication, luxury, power, strength, courage, mystery, trustworthy, empowered, classic, elegance

Brandi kit with blue color palette, called Tranquility. Kit perfect for coaching websites


Words that describe this brand:
modern, clean, simple, intuitive, inspiration, sensitive, loyal, sincere, faith, trust, hope, confident, tranquil, clarity, soothing, truth

Simplistic Brand


Words that describe this brand:
Clean, simple, relaxed, flow, warmth, acceptance, inspired, wisdom, spiritual, calming, healing, positive, solace, warmth

Feminine Brand Kit


Words that describe this brand:
Empowered, ambitious, positive, fun, loving, warmth, kind, nurturing, friendship, balance, unconditional love, sensitive, comfort

Bright and Cheery Brand Guide


Words that describe this brand:
Fun, cheery, bright, hopeful, happy, new beginnings, warm, creative, helpful, individuality, positive, empowered

Simply Inspired Brand Guide


Words that describe this brand:
Energy, relaxing, flow, warmth, acceptance, approachable, inspired, authentic, wisdom, spiritual, calming, togetherness, happy

Get all these templates plus any new ones added. Use them totally curated, as is, or feel free to mix and match for your brand.

Your branding is how people see you & remember you... it should LOOK GOOD!

- April Hiatt
April Hiatt sitting on the couch
Meet Your Designer

Happy to meet you! I'm April

How you look online matters, it just does! And your branding plays a HUGE part in that.

You can’t create a brand overnight because a big part of your brand is your niche, your message, your personality and how you’re perceived.

But… you can influence how people see you with your branding essentials… and that, you can do right now, stress-free!

Great looking visuals help others see you as professional and trustworthy. They help others connect to you and can influence who wants to find out more about what you offer.

As a full-time website designer for coaches and authors, I’ve seen many amazing business owners struggle with the branding basics.

That’s why I created the Brand Essentials Kits… to help you quickly get started and moving your business forward.

You get an editable, professionally designed brand kit, and can have your business looking polished in under 10 minutes!

If you've been telling yourself for months, "Yes, I really need to geT My Branding done,"
but haven't done it yet...

Stop procrastinating.
Stop talking yourself out of it.
And check branding off your to-do list!

wondering about a couple things?

Questions You May Have... and the Answers

Yes. That’s exactly who these kits are for! 

You get short, easy to follow videos included that walk you through everything step by step!

If for some reason if you get stuck (which I don’t anticipate… you’re gonna do great!) you can email me at or set up a time on my calendar for free and I’ll personally walk you through it.

Most people finish in about 30 minutes or less.  Honestly, what takes the most time is just deciding which kit you want to use and going for it!


If there is a kit that fits the tone/vibe/personality you are going for, then it will work.

Nope. You can do everything using the free version of Canva and a couple of other free tools I recommend.

No. The Brand Essentials Kits are for those that want to get their branding basics done FAST.

These will set you up with the basics to work on the rest of your branding over time–your messaging, your reputation, your customer service, offers, etc.

The kits will help get the visual basics DONE so you can move forward with the rest of your business (like social media posts, a website, your message, tone, etc.). 

Once your visual basics are done, it’s easier to do the rest.

Most definitely, YES! 

I hate it when I get something like a template, but have no idea how to use it.

Included are short, easy to follow, step-by-step videos to walk you through everything and help you get your basics done in less than an hour (or quicker if you decide on things fast!)

In addition, I have office hours set up for current students (that includes YOU!). Feel free to schedule a time to meet (Zoom room) and ask any questions you have.

I am here to help you. I want to see you succeed.

That is exactly why you want the templates.

You will know how to do that and be comfortable with making changes on your own. As your business grows, you will have the know-how and confidence to grow with it.

Since these are digital downloads, I have a basic “no refund” policy.

However–I will allow for exceptions on a case-by-case basis. I get that life can happen, so if you have a need or you feel these are just not going to work for your business, please email me at and let me know what’s going on.


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