12 free Modern font pairings for coaching websites. If you are building a website, you need good, clean, readable fonts. These font pairings work great on websites!

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12 Modern FREE Font Pairings for Coaching Websites

Choosing the right fonts for your coaching website is crucial for conveying your brand’s identity. And the fonts you use can determine whether your brand appears playful or sophisticated, classic or modern, serene or elegant. 

Basically, the fonts you choose will be a part of your brand personality and overall branding.

When it comes to life coaching brands, font pairings are even more important. Your brand fonts help establish credibility and trust with your audience. They set the tone for your business and are part of your visual branding assets.

You want to select font pairings that align with your brand’s personality, convey professionalism, reflect your values and positively reflect how people view your business.

Most importantly, you want fonts that are highly READABLE! The number 1, most important rule about fonts–especially for websites–is that they are easy to read! If your visitors can’t read your website, or anything you put out on social media, it doesn’t do you any good! 

To be honest, your potential customers probably won’t remember, or even know, which fonts you’re using. But, they will know what kind of impression those fonts give, if they convey the “vibe” you want to send, and if the words you use can easily be read without trying to figure out what something says.

Choosing the best font pairings for your coaching website can be overwhelming! There are literally hundreds of font choices! 

That’s why I’ve handpicked these 12 font pairings that are perfect for modern coaching websites. 

These font pairings are clean, modern, effective, simple, easy to read, professional, sophisticated, timeless, classy, and have a little personality.

Another important part about choosing fonts is that you want fonts you can use everywhere. 

Your branding should always be consistent. Generally, whatever fonts you choose, you want to use the same fonts over and over in your business – your logo, website, social media, printed media, etc.

If you use Canva, there are literally hundreds of font choices, and many of them are beautiful. However, several of them are paid fonts and are not available to use on your website without first purchasing the web font and a commercial font license. 

That can be a problem when you’re trying to be consistent with your branding and stay within a budget. 

All of these font pairings are free fonts from Google and available to use on your website AND in Canva. (Note: some of them will need to be downloaded from Google fonts free of charge to be used in Canva or other design software, but they should all be readily available in your website design tool of choice.)

Generally, you want to have one headline font type and a different text font.

The headline font type for coaching websites is typically a “serif” font (the ones with the little “feet” on the ends) and the text font is a clean, easy to read “sans-serif” font (without the “feet”).

Serif font vs Sans Serif font and what the difference looks like

Here are 12 curated font pairings specifically for life coach websites and branding.

  1. Playfair Display and Montserrat
Playfair Display and Montserrat font pairing

This is a classic font combination you can’t go wrong with. The only downside is that it’s fairly popular among coaching websites.

Playfair Display is a fun, feminine font with a beautiful italic option for a little variety. This modern font pairing is a great for any coaching brand. You’ll also notice that the “serifs” (on the ends of the letters) are more rounded vs straight like in some of the following fonts.

  1. Cormorant Garamond and Libre Franklin
Cormorant Garamond and Libre Franklin font pairing

This is another classic font combination that works great for coaching websites.

Cormorant Garamond is a little more formal than Playfair Display and gives off more of a “leader” vibe. This is a sharp looking font that’s great for business coaches, financial coaches, and any coaches wanting a more “professional” look.

  1. Lustria and Lato
Lustria and Lato font pairing

Another classic font combination is Lustria and Lato. This works great for any coaching website. It’s not as formal as the Cormorant, but also not as soft as the Playfair display. The ends are not as sharp, giving it more of a clean look, but with a little personality.

  1. Gilda Display and Inter
Gilda display and inter font combination

Another great combination for any coaching website. This one combines the feminine and elegance of Playfair with the more formal qualities of Cormorant for a softer look that oozes professionalism and luxury.

  1. Cardo and Assistant
Cardo and Assistant font pairing

Cardo is a clean, easy to read font that is great for spiritual coaches and anyone wanting more of an “Old Style” to their branding. It is a little more of a “boxy” looking font, and you will notice that the “o” is tipped a little, giving it some personality.

  1. Forum and Open Sans
Forum and Open Sans font pairing

Forum and Open Sans are clean and simple fonts great for any coaching business. This font combination goes well with coaches wanting a modern, clean, simple, minimalist look.

  1. Sorts Mill Goudy and Quicksand
Sorts mill Goudy and Quicksand font pairing

The Sorts Mill Goudy font is similar to Gilda Display and Cardo, but has a little bit softer serifs (or edges). Paired with the clean, simple Quicksand font, this is a great combination for any type of coach.

It works specifically well for heath, wellness, and lifestyle coaches.

  1. Rufina and Oxygen
Rufina and Oxygen font pairning

Rufina is similar to the other fonts mentioned above, but it is more of a combination font–with straight serifs on the bottom of the letters and softer serifs on the top. 

This is a “pretty” font, great for those who want more of a modern, feminine look or who work with women.

  1. ZCool and Heebo
ZCool and Heebo font pairing

This is one of my favorite modern font combinations.

ZCool is a fun, modern font that gives off an air of sophistication, but also warmth and friendliness. It’s a clean font with fun, flared serifs on the ends.

Great for coaches who want to have a fun, outgoing, friendly, comfortable but modern vibe for their brand.

  1. Philosopher and Raleway
Philosopher and Raleway font pairing

Philosopher is a modern, warm and friendly font that is similar to ZCool.

The letters are a little closer together, so you can fit more words on a line. This font pairig is also great for coaches looking for a clean, modern, minimalist font that is still warm and inviting.

  1. Belleza and Rubik
Belleza and Rubik font pairing

The Belleza and Rubik font pairing is very similar to the last two, just cleaner with less flourish and almost no visible serifs. It has sharper lines and is more of an angular text–for the coach who wants to look a little different from everyone else.

  1. Katibeh and Proza Libre
Katibeh and Proza Libre font pairing

Katibeh is a fun, flirty, feminine font for coaches going for more of a bright and cheery feel. This one suggests fun, cheery, hopeful, friendly, and positive.

This font pairing is great for coaches who want a softer feel and look and want others to feel like they are starting fresh or ready for a new beginning.

As you choose a font combination for your coaching business, first decide how you want people to feel and what your brand personality is. 

Then look at each font, specifically the headline fonts, and notice what kind of “feeling” they give you. Does that align with what you want your brand to be? If you answered yes, then you picked the right font!

If all of this is still a bit overwhelming and you just want someone else to choose the font combinations for you, check out the Complete Branding Essentials kits–curated specifically for coaches. 

All the decisions are made for you. Just pick the kit that best describes your business, customize the logo with your business name, and you’re done! Simple as that! 

Complete Branding Essentials Kit

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