12 Modern FREE Font Pairings for Coaching Websites

12 free Modern font pairings for coaching websites. If you are building a website, you need good, clean, readable fonts. These font pairings work great on websites!

Choosing the right fonts for your coaching website is crucial for conveying your brand’s identity. And the fonts you use can determine whether your brand appears playful or sophisticated, classic or modern, serene or elegant.  Basically, the fonts you choose will be a part of your brand personality and overall branding. When it comes to […]

Brand vs Branding: What’s the Difference?

Brand vs Branding: What's the difference? Image of April Hiatt at her desk drinking a Dr Pepper

When it comes to starting a business and doing marketing and advertising, the terms “brand” and “branding” are often used interchangeably.  However, they don’t actually mean the same thing and there are some distinct differences between the two.  Brand vs branding: what’s the difference? Understanding the difference between a brand and branding can help as […]

The Best WordPress Settings to Use When Setting Up Your Website

Image of desk with computer and the words below that read, "Best WordPress settings for your website project."

You bought your domain. You linked it to your hosting. Then you installed WordPress.  Now what do you do? What are the best WordPress settings to use? Basically, what’s next? WordPress is a great tool to build your website, but there are a few things you need to do before building your website. I get […]

What is the difference between Elementor free and Pro?

The difference between Elementor Free and pro. 7 Key differences and why you should invest in Elementor Pro

Why I recommend Elementor Pro vs free for all my website clients and why you should use it on your website. (Hint: it will save you so much time!!) What is the difference between Elementor free and Pro and why would you want to spend the extra money on the Pro version? First, what is […]

Web Design Tips for Coaches

April Hiatt holding up color swatches while working on her laptop on a new website for coaches.

6 Easy Things Coaches Can Do For a Better Website! Having a coaching business can be the most rewarding business you will ever have. You get to help others move past obstacles in their life, you get to seem them improve, you get to see them feel more confident in themselves and move forward, and […]

The 5 Types of Plugins Every WordPress Website Should Have

5 Plugins for Every Website, words with person on phone image above that

When you’re new to WordPress and using YouTube videos to get your website set up, it can be frustrating trying to figure out exactly which plugins to use.  (Definition: a WordPress plugin is a piece of software that “plugs in” to your WordPress site and adds functionality to it.) With over 55,000 WordPress plugins to […]

The 5 Types of Tech You Need to Start Your Coaching Business

Image of a laptop on a desk with headphones and the words underneath it that say "Start Your Coaching Business with 5 Types of Tech"

When you’re just starting your life coaching business, it can be overwhelming to figure out what pieces of tech to use and exactly what you need. Let’s face it, there is a LOT of tech out there, and sifting through it all to find what will work best with your coaching business can be time-consuming. […]

How to know if your business is ready for a website

desk with blank laptop on it and the words below that say "Is your business ready for a website"

In this day and age, every business needs a website! But, is your business ready for a website? Your website is the window to your online business. It tells people who you are and what services you provide. It shows you are professional, serious about what you do, gives legitimacy to your business and shows […]

7 Key Elements of a GREAT Website Homepage

Image of a computer with website pages coming out and the words "7 Key Elements of a Great Website Homepage"

Most of the time when someone lands on your website, the person lands on your homepage. It is by far the highest visited page on your site. So make sure it counts! There are a few basic principles for website homepages that if followed will result in higher conversions and a homepage that actually works […]

10 Reasons You Need a Website in 2023… and Beyond!

Laptop and phone with a website open and the words that say "10 Reasons You Need a Website"

“I have a Facebook page, Instagram page and LinkedIn profile… why do I need a website?” If you have ever thought this, you’re not alone. So, what are some reasons you need a website? In today’s world where social media is ever-present, it can be tempting to think that is all you need. Because really, […]

5 Things Every Website Should Include

Image of a computer, laptop, tablet and phone all open to the same website, words below that say, "5 Things Every website should include"

Your website is the face of your business online. It tells people who you are and how you help them.  It’s often how someone gets to know you and decides if they want to work with you. It’s the place people go to “check you out” when you tell them about your business and they […]

How To Get Paid in Your Business: Send an Invoice

A woman's arm reaching out holding hundred dollar bills with the words beneath it, "How to Get Paid in Your Business: Send and Invoice"

When you’re just starting your business, sometimes it’s the little things you just can’t seem figure out! Like–how do I get paid! How do I invoice clients so they can pay me with a credit or debit card? The simple answer is to set up business Paypal and Stripe accounts. Note: every credit card processing […]

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