People need your unique skills & talents… I help them find you!

Hi! I’m April Hiatt, website designer & strategist. 

My goal is to  get you in front of those that need your help… so you can do what you do best!

I have been that person looking for help…
and couldn’t find it!

Several years ago one of my children needed help with something specific.

As his mom, I hated to see him struggle and wanted so badly to help. I just didn’t have the right skills to do it. 

So I did what many of us moms do–I went to Google.

And found nothing I felt would work.

I asked a few trusted friends for advice, and one suggested a specific company.

Feeling excited to finally get help, I pulled up their website to learn about them.

And was devastated.

I had been excited to finally have an answer and someone who could work with my son, but was immediately let down when I got to their website.

Frankly, the site was awful.
It looked unprofessional, didn’t give me the information I needed and left me feeling discouraged.

A few days later the friend followed up and asked if I had contacted the company.

After telling her my experience with their website, she assured me that the website was not a true reflection of the business and that I really should call.

I did… and they were EXACTLY what my son needed.

Mockup blank screen tablet with keyboard on wooden table in cafe room. looks like its on a desk
phone sitting on planning on top of desk

I hate to think where we would be if I hadn't overlooked their poorly-designed website and made that call!

About a year later, I talked with the owner of the company and told him of my experience with his website (which was still exactly the same) and how I almost didn’t call because of it.

After thinking about it for a bit, he asked if I wanted to build a new website for his company. 

After all, I was his ideal client and knew exactly what moms were feeling and looking for.

So with no website experience at all, but with the trust and confidence of a business owner who truly wanted to serve others, I learned everything I could about building and designing websites.

I had gone from desperate mom trying to get help for her son, to finding something I truly LOVED doing… and was good at!

That was more than 6 years ago. I have learned a lot since those early days, have received tons of referrals, worked with some amazing clients, and grown into a full-time website company.

Best of all, my business serves othersboth those looking for help and those providing it. 

By creating professional websites that inspire confidence and bring people together, it’s my way of helping the next mom (or friend, or neighbor, or loved one), who may be struggling, get the help they need.

April Hiatt sitting at her desk working

When someone is struggling, needs help or wants a better life, and is trying to decide who to work with...

How you look online matters. It just does.

If you’re a coach or service professional who’s passionate about what you do…

You need a website that inspires confidence, builds trust, and shows your ideal clients how you help them.

That's where I come in!

I take the frustration and overwhelm out of building your website so when people “check you out” online,

  • They see how cool you are
  • You look professional
  • They connect with you
  • They know YOU are the person to help them
  • And they’re excited to work with you!

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Behind the Monitor—The Real April Hiatt

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