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Less Frustration - More Confidence

Online Business Set-up for Beginning Entreprenuers

Most people get stressed out when they have to figure out the tech for their new online business… 

I take the frustration and overwhelm out of the tech so you feel confident to build the business of your dreams and know exactly how to do it!

Take the first step to building your business!

There are people waiting for your unique skills!

They just need to find you!

It's time to get your business online and start growing your email list so you can connect to those people.

Ready to start your online business, but need help? No idea where to begin and can't figure out the tech part!

Hi, I'm April Hiatt... And I get it!

Starting a business and figuring out the tech part can be incredibly frustrating! I know, ’cause I’ve been there!

I’ll bet you’ve done what most aspiring business owners do…

You asked in a Facebook group what others were using or you tried to Google your questions (or both).

Did you get more answers than you wanted, all different? And now you feel even more overwhelmed with all the choices and still have no idea what to do!

So, did you do what I did? Attend as many free webinars and trainings as possible to try to learn EXACTLY HOW TO GET STARTED! 

But the problem was, those webinars never actually showed you HOW to DO what they were telling you and never showed you which tech to use! So frustrating!

You don’t have time to figure it all out, you just need someone to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO and SHOW YOU HOW to do it!

Let’s get started? Enroll in the Take Action Academy… and get stuff done!

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I got you!

You want someone to...
give you the steps to get started,
walk you through the tech part,
show you budget friendly options
(cause we all need that!)
and teach you how to set it all up.

That's where I come in...

I work with beginning online entrepreneurs and tell you which tech to use to set up your business and grow your email list and then walk you through exactly HOW TO set it all up
and connect it together!

Technology doesn't have to be overwhelming...

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When you work with a Business Technology Coach (Me😉) you get a real person to explain everything, answer your questions, and give you real time feedback.

This way, you learn HOW to do things yourself, without actually having to figure it all out by yourself! 

And, as you work in groups, you have a team to work with along the way… people who will encourage you, help you stay accountable, give you feedback and help you improve.

Instead of a DIY (Do It Yourself) course like everyone else, I created a DWY (Done With You) LIVE online class: an intensive workshop where we walk TOGETHER along the way.

You don’t just have ideas, frameworks, and an overwhelming list of what you are supposed to do, you actually complete each item and are ready to go!

You walk away focused on your ideal client, actual things DONE, your business online and ready to sign up new clients.

women learning on computer
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Behind the Monitor… The Real April Hiatt

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