Get Your Website DONE in a Weekend

Move from Frustrated & Overwhelmed... to a
Website You Love—DONE

Create your beautiful, strategic website with a professional designer walking you through it step-by-step the entire way!

Join the in-person Utah “Website in a Weekend Workshop” and finally check “website” off your to-do list!

No design or tech skills required!

Stress-Free — This is a Done With You Website Workshop

Get a beautiful website, customized to YOUR business

No more getting "stuck" or trying to figure it all out yourself

You want a website you're proud to send people to.
One that shows off your amazing business and the services you provide...

but you have no idea how to set it up.

There's a Simple Solution: the "Website in a Weekend Workshop"

This workshop is right for you if you can relate to any of the following...

Your Branding Basics... DONE

Your Lead Funnel Automated

Your Beautiful Website... Lauched

Your Scheduling Calendar Linked

Your website is often the first impression people have of you... it should look like the professional you are!

- April Hiatt
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Meet Your Website Designer & Trainer

Hi! I'm April Hiatt... the person who will help you succeed!

Let’s face it, building a website can be intimidating and scary.

You feel like there’s so much to do, but have no idea HOW to do any of it. It’s overwhelming. And you don’t have time to figure it all out!

What do you do first? How do all the pieces connect together?

You know you need a website for your business, and you need to be able to create it with limited tech skills and no design experience.

Maybe you already have a website, but you’re embarrassed to send people to it because it doesn’t reflect your business.

YOU NEED HELP! (And you need it on a budget).

You don’t want a DIY course… you want someone you can ACTUALLY TALK TO who will walk you through it all step-by-step, answer your questions and help you keep moving!

That’s where I come in! I’ve been designing websites for over 6 years, am an experienced website copywriter, branding expert and have over 10 years experience teaching. I help you get what you want… your strategic website DONE!


Testimonials - what other's have said...

"April is so good at what she does! She has broken down the [workshop] into an easy-to- follow step-by-step format and teaches concepts simply and clearly. She is approachable and patient as she works with where each individual is at in the process of website creation. Her encouragement is refreshing and her love for what she does is evident as she helps each person succeed."
Heather Eschmeyer
Heather Eschmeyer
Certified Identity and Purpose Coach
"This course is totally worth it!! The information given along with the structure gives you everything you need to build a website you can be proud of and confident to put out there! The best part, is that you create it yourself with step-by-step help along the way! Take that plunge! You won’t regret it!"
Irene Savakis
Irene Savakis
Art Therapist (non-clinical)
"I would highly recommend this course. It is a great tutorial of starting from the ground up. Learning the principles and tools of creating not only a website, but a brand and business model. April walks you through all the needed steps in a clear and concise way."
Connie Jorgensen
Connie Jorgensen
Virtual Admininstrative Assitant at Life Changing Services
"When I decided to set up a website for my Trauma-Informed Life Coach business I had no idea where to start [or] what resources to use... I was in fact basically clueless. A friend recommended Done Right Website Academy [now Website in a Weekend] and I immediately signed up. It was a game-changer for me! I found April to be an excellent instructor. Her classes were organized and informative. She is an expert in the field of website design. No question was left unanswered. She provided plain step-by-step instructions so we, as students, were capable to build our personalized website. I highly recommend this [workshop]."
Jeannie Spear Coaching
Jeannie Spear
Certified Trauma-Informed Life Coach
"The course is very in-depth, but simple to understand even for the 'tech-challenged person'.... I felt that you cared about everyone succeeding in building their own website, and making sure it looked good too. I appreciated that you were available to answer any questions we had and that you gave your honest opinion.... You always made sure that [I] didn't feel 'stupid' when [I] didn't know the tech. You have a fun personality and can communicate very well so we could understand and follow the step-by-step directions."
Lori Randall
Lori Randall
Sacred Soul Space Mentor
No More Wasted Time, Overwhelm or feeling stuck

Get your beautiful, professional website...
DONE in 3 Days

Create your website during our 3 days together

Launch and show-off your business

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Done Right Website Academy guarantee

enroll with Confidence

My Guarantee:

You will get your website built... or I will do it for you!

I’m so confident you can set up your website during our workshop, using the customizable templates with me walking you through everything, that if you attend every day but still can’t figure it out, I will work with you individually at no extra charge to get your website done.

If you do the work and take advantage of the support offered, I have absolutely no doubt you will get your website launched… and love it!

Want to know everything you'll accomplish?

A Look Inside the Website in a Weekend Workshop...

Day 1

Build Your Foundation

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wondering about a couple things?

Questions You May Have... and the Answers

In general here’s how the workshop will run:

We will meet each day at 9am, do a little networking, “get to know you”, etc, and then GET TO WORK!

You will set up your laptop and we will all literally work together as I walk you through each step of creating a strategic website.

You will have the opportunity to talk with others, get feedback, ask questions, etc.

I will walk you through everything step by step–and after we talk about something, we will DO IT.

The idea is that you don’t just learn things… you actually get them done.

We have breaks during the day (because who can sit for 8 hours straight?) and opportunities to meet and get to know others.

We will finish about 4:30pm on Thursday and Friday, and I will stay after for those that have additional questions.

On Saturday, we will start a little earlier at 8am and work to finish by noon–so you can get back to your families and on with your day. Again, I will plan to stay later to answer any questions.

I really want to see you succeed, so I will do everything I can to help you!

A detailed itinerary will be sent by email before the event.

If you want to get everything done, yes. 

We will be packing a LOT of stuff into the 3 days. This is a working, getting stuff done, workshop. If you miss any of the workshop training, I won’t be able to go back and teach it again. (Although I’m happy to work with you individually at a later time to get you caught up.)

However, I get that you have a life, and kids and things going on, so if you need to leave at any time, you are welcome to do so.


This will take the full 2 1/2 days, plus a little pre-work ahead of time and some optional homework.

Yes. That’s exactly who this workshop is for.

We will work together and walk you through setting up everything step by step!

If for some reason you get stuck (which I don’t anticipate… you’re gonna do great!) I will be right there to help!

Yes. You will need to purchase your own domain and hosting account. 

The domain is your website address (like and your hosting is where the website lives (like the land for a house).

Domains are usually about $20/year and hosting runs from $3 to $15 a month. (I highly recommend Siteground for hosting your website)

I will send specific recommendations via email to those that register.

Unfortunately, not at this time.

The workshop is specifically for service-based business and we will not be setting up a store.

I may offer those workshops in the future, but not for this one.

Each group is limited to 15 people so you get the individualized attention you need.

I also limit the number to be sure we all have time to get feedback from each other and share our websites.

I have found that small group workshops are best for everyone to be able to get stuff done!

Great question! 

After you sign up, I will ask for information about your business and make sure I have templates available that will work specifically for YOUR BUSINESS.

Here are some example websites you can create with a workshop template. (Note: these are real, actual websites, not just samples). Take a look:

Jeannie Spear Coaching

Heidi Davies Coaching

Big River Golf Course

Hali Roderick

Mansker Tax Service

Author Liane K. Chong

Author Paul D. Williams

Most definitely NOT.

While some of you may import the same website template, everyone will be customizing them to your specific brand. The end result will look different from anyone else’s site.

That is exactly why you want to take the workshop!

You will know how to do that and be comfortable  making changes on your own. 

As your business grows, you will have the know-how and confidence to grow with it and easily be able to update your website… without hiring someone else to do it. (Unless, of course, you want to!).

WordPress and the drag and drop pagebuilder Elementor.

I will show you how to set everything up in WordPress and how to add Elementor.

BONUS: I will also give everyone a copy of the Elementor Pro version (normally $59/yr), as part of my agency license and as a bonus savings for taking the workshop.

For your email automation, I will teach you how to set up and use Mailerlite (free for your first 1000 subscribers).

And to create your lead magnet, we will use Canva (the free version works great!).

You should plan to bring:

  • Your laptop
  • Any food, snacks, drinks you like to have when working
  • Business cards if you have them and want to network with others
  • A willingness to learn, give feedback, and help out your fellow lady bosses
  • Your mind focused on GETTING STUFF DONE!

Food will not be provided. You are welcome to bring snacks, drinks, etc. We will have a lunch break and there are several food places nearby you can purchase something.

If you want to work through lunch or talk with me one-on-one, you are welcome to bring a lunch too. (That’s what I will be doing so I can be available to help anyone that needs it.)

Yes. You website template kit will include everything you need for a blog page and individual blog articles. That will be set up for you.

However, we will not be covering adding blogs during the workshop. But, you will have unlimited access to training videos on how to add blog articles if you would like.

Since I will be scheduling a venue and paying for it ahead of time, you can get a full refund up until August 1st. 

However–if you have extenuating circumstances, please email me at and let me know what’s going on. 

If you've been telling yourself for months,
"Yes, I really need to get a website done,"
but haven't done it yet...

Stop procrastinating.
Stop talking yourself out of it.

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desk with a computer monitor and website up that says "beautiful website"

Thinking, "I don't have time"?

Then ask yourself, "If not now, when?"

Is this where you want to be in 6 months...
the same place you are now? Of course not.

But if you do nothing, nothing will change.

Some people can figure out the tech stuff and do everything on their own.

But you have to ask yourself… is that me? 

Or would I be better with someone helping me, someone teaching me, someone walking me through it all? Someone I can ask questions to along the way?

Only YOU can answer those questions. 

For those ready to save time, money, headaches, frustration, and a few grey hairs… 

ENROLL TODAY! You’ll be happy you did!

Start growing your business today!

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