Grow Your Email List With Quality Leads

Your Email List is Gold! But... How Do You Build It?

With a highly effective lead-magnet that attracts your ideal client and a landing page that converts!

A step-by-step "how-to do it all using free tech tools" mini- course to GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST FROM ZERO WITH:

No website required. FREE tools used!

Magnet pulling in money to show lead magnets attracting leads

Ready to get leads and grow your email list...
but have no idea how to do it?

The Lead Magnets & List Building Course
will walk you through it all: step-by-step using only FREE tools.
No website or tech skills required.

I've been leveraging Facebook Groups for years and had hit this button a hundred times...I never knew what it was, how it could be leveraged for growing my email list, or that I could edit it (it's a super awesome hack I've only ever heard taught in this course). If you want to learn cool tricks, this is an awesome introduction to list building.
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Starting and growing an email list can feel overwhelming. But you shouldn't get stuck before you even begin.

Let’s face it. Starting a business is hard. And it’s scary.

You feel like there’s so much to do, it’s overwhelming. What do you do first? How do all the pieces fit together?


What tech do you use… that’s easy to learn AND budget-friendly?

Something you can figure out with limited tech skills and no design experience… and even before you have a website?

Register for the Lead Magnets & List Building Course and let’s start growing your list from ground zero.

Learn every step in the process–from identifying a good lead magnet, to creating it, then making the landing page and thank you page and finally setting up the email automation.

I’m April, and I’ll be your guide walking you through it all… step-by-step with easy to follow instructions along the way!



Go through the course... you can even do it all in ONE DAY if you want!


Follow the step-by-step instructions and start growing your list!

Want to know everything you'll learn?

A Look Inside Lead Magnets & List Building...

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Lead Magnets & List Building:
Grow Your Email List From Zero

A "how-to" course where you actually GET STUFF DONE!
$ 97 one-time
  • Get your lead magnet, landing page
    and email automation set up...
    all using FREE tools!
  • Complete step-by-step instructions...
    no tech skills required
  • Lifetime access to the how-to videos
"Wow! I wish I had started my email list later..."

If you've been telling yourself for months, "I really need to start my email list," but haven't done it yet because you don't know how...

Stop procrastinating.
Stop talking yourself out of it.
Face your fears and JUST DO IT!

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