84% believe a business with a website is more credible

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10 Reasons You Need a Website in 2023… and Beyond!

“I have a Facebook page, Instagram page and LinkedIn profile… why do I need a website?”

If you have ever thought this, you’re not alone. So, what are some reasons you need a website?

In today’s world where social media is ever-present, it can be tempting to think that is all you need. Because really, you have followers, you have engagement, and maybe you have even made sales from your social media.

But long-term, social media will not sustain you. 

Your social media profiles do not have all the information people are looking for when they need help with something. 

Let’s face it, when someone has a specific problem they need solved, when they are looking for a service or product, they don’t usually turn to Facebook or Instagram to find the answer. 

They turn to Google and other search engines.

And then they look at various websites for answers and a business to help them. 

The reality is, when someone is looking for a service or a product, they typically research and base their buying decisions on a company’s website… not while scrolling Facebook or Instagram.

So why do you need a website? Why is a website essential for your business?

Here are the top 10 reasons your business needs a website:

1. A Website Builds Credibility, Trust and Legitimacy

Businesses that don’t have a website, right or wrong, convey to others that they are not serious. 

In today’s digital world, customers go online to make buying decisions. And they like to do research first about the product or service as well as read testimonials to help them feel better about the purchase.

One study showed what consumers think and how they feel:

  • 92% of consumers prefer to get information from a business’ website instead of their social media page
  • 93% use the internet for research before making a purchase
  • 84% believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page

If you don’t have a website it can send the message that you are not professional or credible enough to do business with. 

Your website shows people that you know what you’re doing and that you have a plan to help them. Customers trust that. 

2. Your Customers Expect It

People want to “find out more” about you before they do business with you. When someone asks, “what do you do?” the second question is usually, “do you have a website?”

If they are interested in your product or service, they usually want to do some research on your business first and “check you out”. They want to read testimonials, see exactly what you offer, and learn whether or not you can actually help them. 

Then they will make the next move–hopefully to make a purchase or sign up for your services.

Often your website is the first impression potential customers have of you, so make sure it reflects your professionalism and the caliber of your business.

3. You Don’t Own Your Social Media and are Living on Rented Space

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have their own rules and their own algorithms. They determine what is okay for you to post and not post. They determine if your account stays up and active or if they want to shut you down… at anytime.

And, they own your followers. Unless you somehow get those people to sign up on your email list (and you should be doing this as much as you can with lead-magnets), you can lose those followers anytime the platform decides to close your account.

Another problem with social media is that it’s fleeting. You can post something one day, and if people don’t happen to be on the platform that day, they won’t see it. 

Or, if your post did not meet whatever criteria is used in the current algorithm, your post may not even be shown to 80% of your followers.

People tend to scroll through social media quickly. They are easily distracted and your posts, if they see them at all, can be lost in the scrolling.

Now that all being said, you should absolutely be using social media to connect with your audience, find out their struggles, build your brand, share your content, and encourage people to visit your website.  The two (a website and your social media) should be used together!

4. A Website is a Place You Can Put All Your Content and Refer People To

Your potential customers need answers…. and they will look at your website to find them.

Can you help them? Do you solve their problem? How do they get a hold of you to move forward?

When people want to know about your business and if you can help them, they will visit your website.

Your website should be where you list your services, programs, pricing, portfolio etc.  It should also include lead magnets to grow our email list, FAQs where people can find answers to their questions, information about who you are and how you help people, and the benefits of working with you.

You should also include a way for customers to contact you and an online scheduling calendar (if applicable) for people to schedule consultations.  

This is also where you build your credibility with blog posts, resources, information, tips and advice, and more about you as the business owner and your company. 

5. Allows People to “Check You Out” Before Making a Buying Decision

Your website should connect with your target audience, showcase how you help them, and provide testimonials or case studies. You want people to feel good about working with you.

It can educate your potential customers as they do research before spending money and give them confidence they are making the right buying decision and that your business is the right one for them.

Additionally, your website can show others your skills and expertise, who you have helped, display your work and provide social proof with positive testimonials from others.

Keep in mind that your website needs to look good too. One study showed that 75% of people admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on the website design.

Since people will use your website to “check you out,” be sure your website looks good. Website visitors are more likely to work with a company they feel they can trust and your website is the first place to start building that trust.

6. Grow Your Leads: Your Website Should be Part of Your Sales Funnel

One of the best ways to grow your business is by growing your email list.  And to do that, you need a lead magnet (or “freebie”). Your website should be part of your overall strategy to grow your business and leads.

Your website is the best place to put your landing pages (the page where someone opts-in to get your freebie and gives you their email address). This helps with brand awareness and keeps your budget down as you only have to use one place for everything.

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A website should not just educate people, but ask them to “do something.” One of the easiest ways to do this is with a freebie they can sign up for right on your website.  No need to use a separate funnel builder or pay extra, keep everything right on your website. You can set up your site to grow your leads every time someone visits it.

7. Works For You 24/7

For those just starting their business, budget can be small and employees and assistants non-existent.  

Your website will be your cheapest employee and will work 365 days a year 24/7. Your business will be accessible anytime someone happens to be looking and in any time zone. It can literally make sales while you sleep.

You can sleep 8 hours a night (hopefully, right!), take off nights and weekends, travel the world, and still be running your business.

And with a scheduling calendar right on your website, you can encourage people to contact you and book an appointment without having to do anything!

8. Allows You to Reach New Customers, You Can Be Found Online

In today’s world, and especially after 2020, people are online. They are on their phones and laptops everywhere.

Your website can attract your ideal client as you connect with them, grow your reach with SEO (search engine optimization), and allow you to reach potential customers organically.

If you’re not online, you can’t be found.

In addition, you control the narrative. We all know there are trolls out there and people that will say negative things just to be mean. You get to control exactly what goes on your website, the wording you use, and how you want to connect with others.

Bill Gates is quoted as saying,

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”

–Bill Gates

Meaning, if new customers don’t have a place to find you, they won’t.

9. You Have No Other Competition on Your Website

A website should be part of your overall marketing strategy, and when someone comes to your site, they are finding out about YOU and if your business can help them.

If a person is on social media, it’s very easy to scroll and be distracted and to hop from group to group. But on your website, there are no other distractions. It’s your business showing how you can help the potential customer, how you can solve their problem and why you are the person to do it!

10.  A Website Ensures Your Success in the Long Term and Builds Your Brand

If you are using social media, it should always send people to your website. You should put your website link EVERYWHERE!

Since your website is a place where potential customers can really get to know you, send them there. Give customers an opportunity to find out how you can help them, answer their questions, and show them how you are the solution to their problem.

Use the space to build your brand–meaning show visitors how you provide customer service, what your business values are, what makes you different from everyone else, and what the tone of your business is. 

Your website will tell people who you are and what your business is about.

Your website is the place where you stand out from your competitors and showcase why your business is the one to work with and what you do differently. 

Finally, encourage people to contact you, schedule an appointment, and ultimately purchase from you. Your website, when done right, can accomplish all those things! 

Be the solution people are looking for in a place they will find you… your website!

Does your business have a website?

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