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Set Up Your Coaching Business... Without the Tech Overwhelm!

Starting your coaching business doesn’t have to be expensive, hard or scary—and you don’t need to know how to code to make a beautiful website!

With the right tools and training, you can manage your business… without spending a fortune doing it.

Download  the 6 Things Every Beginning Entrepreneur Needs To Set Up an Online Business… and the Budget-Friendly Tech to Do It.

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Let's face it...

If people can't find you, they can't work with you!
And once they do find you...

How you look online matters!

Your online presence creates the
first impression people have of you.
It's the face of your business.
It's where you attract your ideal client.

You should look A-MAZING!


Take Action & Grow Your Business


When you clearly define your niche everything else becomes easier… creating a lead-magnet to grow your list, marketing your offers, attracting your ideal client and ultimately growing the business you LOVE! 


Your brand defines your business. It not only includes your logo, fonts and colors, it also includes your core values, messaging, voice, tone and feel of your business. Getting this right from the beginning saves time moving forward.


How many times has someone asked you what you do and asked for your website address? Every professional business needs a website! One that reflects how you help people! YOU CAN build it… with a little help from me!


The #1 way to build your email list is with a great lead magnet or “freebie.” Give your ideal client a quick win. Let her get to know you and how you help her. I will help you set up your opt-in page and email automation to grow your list!

A successful business always starts with a solid foundation!

- April Hiatt
April Hiatt holding her laptop ready to work
Hi, I'm April.
The "How To Do the Techy Stuff" Trainer

I teach newly certified coaches how to quickly and cost-effectively create a lead-generating website to attract their ideal clients, so they can spend more time coaching and less time figuring out the tech.

I save you money, help you look like the professional you are, and empower you with confidence and "know-how" to grow your business, so you can
do what you are passionate about.

Testimonials from

Real People I Have Worked With...

April is fantastic! She helped me create the vision I had for my business and was so willing to work with my many ideas and she made it work out better than I imagined. I had no idea where to start before I met her and she made the process so easy and she worked with my pace.
April is extremely efficient and talented in building and creating websites. The best thing about working with her is knowing she is always on time, positive, and willing to work with you on design and content that fits your vision and message. I worked with April over a 4 month time period building "from scratch" a design and message for 2 different websites. Her work ethic and dedication to the project was incredible. She is focused, timely, and excellent with the details and follow-up. She returns messages and responds to emails quickly. She helped me to learn how to manage and edit content in WordPress so I could make simple changes and updates on our sites. April is affordable, a great team player, and very professional.
April is amazing to work with and has created something beautiful for me to introduce my service and message. I highly recommend her with no reservation! Because I’m not very techy, I didn’t understand how much a great website would assist me in my mission to care for women in trauma. It was as if she read my mind! I didn’t even know how to tell her what I wanted..., but she saw my vision and [it's] more than I could have hoped for or imagined! I like the website so much! I am so happy and proud of my website and the comments I get about how much easier it is for people to get the info they desire. I could just do a happy dance with tears of joy rolling down my cheeks. I appreciate more than I can express April and her ability to just get things done in a fast and effective way. She has an eye for what works well. She creates a beautiful place for people to discover the services they are looking for online.
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